Farmers Gold Ultra Light Tobacco 16oz.


**Farmers Gold RYO Tobacco Brand has been discontinued by the manufacturer. M&R Holdings. The have formulated NCS House Blend Pipe Tobacco exclusively for us that compares to the great quality of this rolling tobacco at a significantly cheaper price of $16.50. **
Farmer's Gold Ultra Light tobacco is a U.S blended cigarette tobacco with a smooth light taste. Farmer's Gold RYO tobaccos are the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Farmers Gold tobacco is manufactured in North Carolina right in the heart of tobacco country. Farmer's Gold RYO tobaccos was the creation of a 7th generation tobacco farmer who wanted to produce a quality and flavorful product that smokers would enjoy. Available in Full Flavor (1LB & 5LB), Menthol (1LB & 5LB), Additive Free(1LB & 5LB), Light(1LB & 5LB) and Ultra light(1LB & 5LB). A 16oz bag will make an approximately 600 cigarettes.

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